How run Google Cardboard Apps using Google Daydream

1. Opened up the settings on my phone
2. Turned off NFC (I'm not sure if this is really needed.)
3. Opened the Google Cardboard App I wanted to play
4. Got an Dialogue with "Incompatible App - This Cardboard-App is not compatible with Daydream-Headsets"
5. Clicked on Cancel -> The app closed
5b. Clicked on connect device -> got a screen to scan a QR-Code

6. Scan this QR-Code:
7. Put my phone into the headset
8. It worked.

darktable geoToolbox Script

Last year I blogged about the KML and the geoJSON export scripts for darktable.
I've wrote an other script for darktable, the geo toolbox and it looks like this:

I'd like to describe the functionality here short:

Button 1 and 2: With this two buttons you can select all images with or without location information in the Exif tag.

Button 3 and 4: With this button you can copy GPS information from one iomage to an other. With the checkboxes you can select which part of the GPS information you like to copy.

Button 5 [open in Gnome Maps]: This button opens Gnome Maps and shows the position of the photo in the map.

Button 6 [reverse geocode]: This function is still not very useful. It uses a web-service from Mapbox to get information from OpenStreetMap about the place of the selected photo and shows this in an info window.

Button 7 [export altitude CSV file]: This function exports a CSV file from the selected images with the altitude in meters in one column and the distance between…

Lenovo Moto Z Wifi problem

If you owe a Lenovo Moto Z and it can't find your WLAN you should check if your WLAN uses the channel 13. If yes, just change it and your phone will find the WLAN, because the Moto Z is not able to use the channel 13..

Google Earth from a Tool to a Toy

Last week Google release a new version of Google Earth. Google made a complete rewrite from a classical client to a web client.

Really new and nice are only the interactive guided tours.

This new client has a lot of drawbacks:
It only runs in Google ChromeNo Google MoonNo Google MarsNo PanoramioNo Wikipedia linksNo historical images No measurement toolsI can't create new tours.The KML import is experimental and broken No more creation of videos
And I'm not alone, other peole are as disappointed as m:

The Hardware is good, but the Software sucks - Update

I have a new GoPro HERO5 Black the hardware is really nice

Voice Control2-inch Touch DisplaySimple One-Button ControlRugged + Waterproof4K Video / 12MP Photo Not so cool is:
USB door stupid hard to open. Cannot use camera in time lapse and charge at same time.
But the software has really some problems:
No RAW support in timelapse mode (Update: This is now possible with the latest firmware update)The GPR (RAW) format is an extension to Adobes DNG format, adding enhanced compression. Using standard DNG with non-standard "enhanced" compression. Nice, now only Adobe is able to open this images. No Linux tool is at the moment able to open the images.The GoPro Desktop and Mobile Apps are only usable with creating an online account.The GoPro Developer Program/SDK costs $99/yrGoPro use a lot of open source tools[1], but treads other developers like shit. [1] You can't update the firmware without a registration

GoPro shoul…

What I don't like about my new Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

I got a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) and I'm a little bit disappointed, because:
Samsung has not implemented the camera2 API. Normaly every phone with Android > 4.4 should have this API. It gives the developers of photo apps more control about the camera. The Samsung Galaxy A5 has Android 7, but Samsung simple had not implemented this API. This is the reason why Samsung has to ship it with a custom camera app and does not include the Goggle camera app the the fancy deep of field refocus feature. (More infos here: second disadvantage is that the phone has no gyroscope. But without a gyroscoe it is not possible to use the phone with Goggles Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform and the low-cost Cardboard viewer.
If you are interested in photographing or in Goggles Cardboard virtual reality (VR) platform, you should not by this phone.

Low polygon 3D Europe map UPDATE 2

As the "Low polygon 3D Europe map" tutorial is on of the most read posts I have some more information for you.

1. Here you can download a complete land topography of the world as a digital image of the three-dimensional structure of the Earth's surface:
 2. The link to "Open Digital Elevation Model (OpenDEM)". You can use this data to create an similar image. (I haven't done this. It looks like a lot of work.)

3. Somegeneral information about Digital elevation models:

The two older post in this series:  Low polygon 3D Europe mapLow polygon 3D europe map UPDATE